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First Equity Philosophy

North America Home Finance through the NAHF Real Estate Trust, offers a collection of investment options for our partners in one seamless investment strategy, as part of our innovative approach to housing development finance.

North America Home Finance uses a different investment structure that puts the interests of investors first. The standard industry-wide business model for partnering on real estate development projects is to provide a small, preferred return to investors – or in some cases, no preferred return at all – and then have the developer share in profits before the investors receive their entire return. The North American Home Finance model provides investors three primary financial advantages over this standard industry practice.

early access

Early Access

Our investor partners are the first to learn about new real estate investment opportunities, ahead of the public marketplace.


Preferred Returns

Investor partners always get paid first. 100% of our investor’s return is paid back first, before the developer or North America Home Finance shares in the profits.


Collateral Mortgage

Our investor partners’ capital, through the investment in NAHF Real Estate Trust, not only shares in profits and growth but also has its principal investment amount protected by a collateral mortgage charge against the properties.

How our approach works

The prime advantage and foundation of the North America Home Finance philosophy is that 100% of unitholders capital and minimum return is paid out first, as a preferred return before the developer shares in any profits. In addition to the preferred return benefit, investors also have may choose to gain priority access to the residential units within the projects themselves, before they are released to the general public for purchase.

how our program works

These early access real estate options and corresponding pricing advantages are only available to North America Home Finance investors. These purchase options are another way for investment partners to maximize their investment value. And every North American Home Finance project is designed with quality construction and offered at a competitive price point, making these projects not only attractive to home buyers, but extraordinary investment properties in prime real estate markets.

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