North America Home Finance is an innovative project partner for developers to maximize their building potential
Bringing investors, builders, and buyers together to grow real estate development projects from the ground up.
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Building together

Our buying strength and funding capabilities provide carefully selected developers the confidence and sales volume to accelerate project timelines. North American Home Finance gives our developers the ability to move their projects from conception to completion smoothly, with added resources and results.


Through our NAHF Real Estate Trust, North America Home Finance raises capital for real estate development, which allows builders to complete construction on-time and without costly overruns.


Our investors have first access to our completed real estate opportunities, allowing them to purchase units before they become available to the public. With North America Home Finance, developers can sell before even listing on the market.


North America Home Finance has strong ties with industry leaders in all aspects of development, architecture, and construction in British Columbia and beyond. Whatever your project needs, the connections are already in place.


The NAHF team is a hand-selected group of experienced professionals with the education, vision, and practical experience to lead your project through every phase, from land acquisition to final sale.


With North America Home Finance, builders and investors create community together.