Creating Community Through Capital Investment

North America Home Investment Inc. is a real estate investment corporation dedicated to building community by facilitating investment into funding residential developments while making housing more accessible with a secured structure that benefits investors, developers and home buyers.

Identifying opportunities and opening the window to significant returns.

Real estate is a fundamental building block in any well-rounded investment portfolio, providing what is generally a needed addition to a traditional portfolio of equities and bonds. Often over-performing against inflation rates, real estate investment is an attractive option and popular hedge against volatile economic trends.

However, many urban real estate regions and desirable markets in other areas have priced potential buyers and investors out, limiting the opportunity to add an essential element to any investment portfolio. But through our unique structure of mortgage secured trust unit offerings, not only is property investment now achievable for a wider community of investors, it also can create a more predictable and advantageous return on investment.

North America Home Finance allows investors entry into some of the best performing real estate markets in Canada and the USA, creating high-value, residential developments in strong growth markets like Southern Vancouver Island, the Central Okanagan, and the Lower Mainland, where the demand for quality, affordable housing is much greater than the supply. Through the NAHF Real Estate Trust, investors are able to partner with developers to gain access to well negotiated development projects, opening the door to significant returns.

Real Estate Opportunities in Canada

A Worry-Free Approach to Real Estate Investments.

Capital Protection —

Our real estate trust units safeguard investors’ capital through registered collateral mortgages. In the case of the acquisition of completed housing units from developers, there is additional protection, such as surety bonding or trust conditions, further shielding capital so investors can feel confident with their investment.

capital protection
return predictability

Return Predictability —

Our real estate trust units are structured to provide predictable returns, whether it is a targeted preferred rate of return, capital growth, or quarterly income, to give investors clearly defined ranges of timelines and expectations. Returns are forecasted based on committed contracts, comparable properties in the market, along with a margin of safety, providing stability, and enabling better management and control of future returns, resulting in less vulnerability to market volatility.

Management Alignment —

Management’s equity is always held back until the unit & bondholder’s investments are paid in full, ensuring the dedication and motivation to achieve growth and returns in a secure, yet profitable and timely manner. Management’s funds will always come second to those of investors, putting a priority on investor’s financial security.

management alignment

Improved Annualized Returns —

Through the sound management of costs, timing, relationships and financing, our real estate units are structured to generate returns with less exposure to volatile markets. North American Home Finance is dedicated to delivering real financial results.

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Real Estate Investments in Canada

Real estate investment that is secured, sound and simple.

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North America Home Finance helps investors literally “get in on the ground”, giving them the opportunity for best margins in real estate. Through land acquisition in strategic markets using data-driven analytics, developing it to best meet the needs of the community, and then selling it with innovative sales techniques created to minimize time of market, generally leads to the greatest return on investment

Asif Nasim — Advisory Board – North America Home Finance

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