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A proven path to financial growth and success through real estate development.

North America Home Investment Inc. is a real estate investment corporation dedicated to building community by facilitating investment into funding residential developments while making housing more accessible with a secured structure that benefits investors, developers and home buyers.

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Real estate is a key element to any balanced financial portfolio, but many investors find themselves priced out of the market. With North America Home Finance, you don’t need to go it alone, teaming with our experienced real estate development experts who offer you the opportunity to benefit from strong returns on entry level capital investments without the responsibility of direct ownership for investors, or as a pathway to more accessible home ownership for buyers. Our methodology consists of proprietary financial modeling and cutting-edge real estate market forecasting, allowing our investors to get in at the beginning, but secured by a collateral mortgage, always knowing that they will benefit from a priority position in the investment – on every development, every time.

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We believe homeownership offers individuals a solid foundation for financial security.

Homeowners build equity with every monthly payment, and benefit from any appreciation in the value of their home. Homeowners tend to build significantly higher net worth than non-homeowners. Expanding homeownership means more people can prosper, participate in their communities, and invest in the economy.

Our innovative home financing attracts qualified, committed homebuyers enabling us to secure favourable home pricing from developers. This alignment reduces development risk and timing while creating value for our investors.

We are dedicated to the notion that owning a home should be a choice, not a privilege. Our philosophy of expanding homeownership is one of financial security. That’s why we create financing solutions that enable homeownership with the right monthly payment and down payment options.

Bringing capital and homebuyers together to expand homeownership is not complicated. It’s just smarter.

George Lawton CPA, CA

North America Home Finance Inc.


The senior management team behind North America Home Finance brings together an exceptional range and depth of experience. The combined performance and achievements of our leadership team represent decades of insight into every aspect of real estate development, wealth management and finance.

Gaylyn Lawton

Gaylyn Lawton, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Kuelbs

Brian Kuelbs

CEO BPK Advisors Inc.,

Asif Nasim

Asif Nasim

Principal, Nasim Management

Ryan Tamblyn

Ryan Tamblyn

CEO, Millennial Developments

Chad McTavish

Chad McTavish

ACE Project Marketing, Managing Partner, Business Development

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