Momentum is building for the Five Bridges Development Project, as demand continues to remain strong, and comparable prices for similar-sized existing suites continue to appreciate. The appraiser that completed the report, being used for construction financing, placed the land value allocation at $8 million upon final development approval. For context – that is over $2 million more than the combined purchase prices for the six individual properties assembled for the project. In addition to the increase in value for the land, the total projected revenue valued by the appraiser for the project also increased above that of our proforma. 

As previously announced, the window of opportunity to participate at the 9.6% preferred return rate is soon closing. This rate will no longer be available to new investors once the 4th and final reading has been approved by the City of Kelowna (the preferred rate after that will be offered at 8.4%). This works well for anyone looking to take advantage of the RRSP eligibility for the project as the contribution deadline for the 2021 tax year is March 1st, which still provides time to invest with RRSPs prior to the council meeting in March. 

The Presentation Centre and demonstration smart suite are scheduled to open for in-person and virtual tours following our final Meet the CEO Zoom event.  We’ll be offering a sneak preview during our Meet the CEO webinar on February 24th at 5pm and 6:30pm PST. At that time one of our panel will be broadcasting live from the show suite and we look forward to highlighting the incredible features, lifestyle, and value that this development will provide its residents.

The team at ACE Project Marketing is gearing up to launch sales in Spring 2022 and are preparing to contact all investors who have reserved under the investor purchase program as well as those who’ve expressed an interest in preferred access for purchasing a unit.

We have updated the construction budget and have finalized the project forecast along with completing the construction loan package, which is now going out to lenders. We are looking forward to sharing the updated budget following the 4th reading and are looking forward to a good news update in March.

Lastly, as those investors and potential new homeowners in Kelowna have noticed, real work is happening now on site as the demolition of the existing houses has started. The goal is for demolition to complete in March on all the houses after the last of the tenants have vacated. Then, with the pre-sales launch underway at the nearby Presentation Centre, the site excavation will begin. Once the big machines get moving on site, our quarterly updates will then include site construction progress photos and video clips, which we know everyone enjoys seeing.

We look forward to working with everyone who are looking to get their subscriptions in prior to the close out of the 9.6% preferred return offering. Please let us know if you are interested or still have questions, so that we’re able to respond promptly to ensure you don’t miss the last of the available equity for investment.